Soft coloured bricks

The new Seascape glazed collection of soft, milky colours from PGH Bricks & Pavers is on-trend for the Hamptons look

Cordless hedge trimmer

Emerging from WORX’s Home and Garden range, the WG25E.5 20VMax Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer [$169] is a handy addition to any gardener’s arsenal.

Wet-dry handi-vac

Karcher’s WD 3.330M Wet & Dry Vacuum [$99]takes care of all the usual dirt and dust that regular vacuums are designed to handle plus it has the capability to clean up liquid spills around the house

Cordless vac for Tradies

Renovation-jobs often produce high volumes of dust and waste, which can challenge small vacs designed for home use.

Safety stair nosing

A common problem often faced daily is smooth and/or wet stairways that become slippery and dangerous. Edges of steps that are not highlighted increases the accident rate twofold.

Drop-cloths revisited

The traditional drop-cloth is a simple canvas cover with the sole purpose of protecting floors from the dust, paint and debris that often flies around during renovating and decorating

Roof storage space

When seasons change it’s time to make room in the wardrobe and drawers for new-season clothing, footwear, accessories, sporting gear, etc.

Brick façade tiles

Brick Facades are back in fashion with the range of brick tiles available from Robertsons Building Products

Updated websites

Daniel Robertson Bricks: Brick and paving manufacturer Daniel Robertson has launched a new website

Latest kneepads

Environment-friendly POE foam is now being used by Tommyco in their general purpose kneepads

Tool-sharing for the DIYer

The WORX H3 hammer drill [$139] has a powerful inbuilt pneumatic piston that pounds the cement surface as you’re drilling making what was once a job for the tradie

Shear for metal roofing

The new model TSCM TurboShear, from Malco Products, achieves clean precise cuts in corrugated metal roofing panels