Dishwasher in a sophisticated black colour

Fisher & Paykel has released its Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher in a sophisticated black colour. The new styling comprises black brushed stainless steel front panels with black anodised aluminium handles and buttons.

Black built-in ovens

Fisher & Paykel have expanded their 60cm Built-in Oven Series to include a contemporary black colour. The redesign of the Built-In Ovens features a full glass front in pure black, with a black anodised aluminium dial, handle and trim.

Matching column refrigerators and freezers in 3 widths

Fisher & Paykel‘s Integrated Column modular vertical fridges [610mm and 762mm wide] and freezers [457mm, 610mm and 762mm wide] can be mixed and matched; and installed either side by side or individually throughout the kitchen.