Eco-friendly pressure cleaner

Kärcher has developed its environment-friendly K3.800 Eco!ogic pressure cleaner [$399] for heavy soiling on medium sized areas

Petrol powered cleaner

Kärcher’s G2.500 DCE Petrol Powered High Pressure Cleaner has been engineered for large properties and serious cleaning jobs

Steam cleaning

Kärcher Tools’ SC2.500 Steam Cleaner [$349] is the perfect for keeping your home hygienically clean.

Pressure cleaning

Kärcher’s K2.180 pressure cleaner is the second part of their outdoor cleaning range

Wet-dry handi-vac

Karcher’s WD 3.330M Wet & Dry Vacuum [$99]takes care of all the usual dirt and dust that regular vacuums are designed to handle plus it has the capability to clean up liquid spills around the house