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Gyprock cornices can be used on plasterboard, fibrous plaster or cement rendered surfaces. The range comprises seven designs, including the new Aria, Alto and Trio. Selecting a style that complements other interior design elements will help to bring the whole space together. The type of cornice selected is largely a matter of personal style; however Gyprock advises there are a few key points when deciding on which cornice to use to decorate a home.

For a contemporary room, select a profile like Alto™ Cornice with sleek lines to create the perfect backdrop for bold furnishes to take centre stage; the Aria™, with simple clean lines and unobtrusive details, is ideal for bedrooms; selecting a profile with clean geometric lines like Gyprock’s Trio Cornice adds a modern touch to an art deco style room; or you can define your living space by selecting a modern cornice like Tempo™, for a tasteful space that echoes relaxed modern living.

To uplift small spaces and create an instant sense of style, select a classically crafted cornice like the Symphony™ profile and fit out the room with timeless furnishings; select a versatile cornice with smooth curves and distinctive lines like Gyprock’s Concerto™, which will look right at home and add depth of character to any interior; or when aiming for a functional interior, select a profile like the standard Cove Cornice.

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