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The traditional drop-cloth is a simple canvas cover with the sole purpose of protecting floors from the dust, paint and debris that often flies around during renovating and decorating. But a ladder on an old-style drop-cloth [especially on a tiled floor] is an accident waiting to happen! Drop-cloths can often slip out-of-place; and sometimes make the surfaces they are protecting even more slippery. A single step onto a traditional drop-cloth can move it out of place, eliminating the protection it is meant to provide.

CoverGrip™ is a new concept in drop-cloth design. This new piece of “technology” from Oldfields provides not only protection but also safety and convenience. It is available in three handy sizes: 2.43m x 1.52m; 3.65m x 1.06m; and 3.04m x 2.43m. And designed for safety to: hold fast to floors; resist slipping and sliding; neatly fold and store; absorb paint; while being easy-to-use.

CoverGrip™ drop-cloths have thousands of tiny rubberized dots attached to the bottom of each protective cloth. These dots are slightly rounded, which is what makes them so effective. Once pressure is applied the rubber dots grab and hold firm, like sneakers on a basketball court. And because they’re rounded the dots continue to hold, gripping tight even when under a shifting load. These rows of dots also enable CoverGrip™ to easily fold and conform to surfaces like stairs, and into corners or anywhere else they’re needed. Once positioned, they hold-fast to stay in place. Yet you can easily move it around to reposition. It can be machine washed (the dots won’t fall off) or just folded up and easily stored.

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