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The Beko InnovaChef 60cm built-in multifunction oven [$1999] allows you to upload photos and recipes to a touch control LCD screen via USB connection. Multidimensional Cooking provides even heat and temperature distribution, perfect for large pieces of meat. It also includes 82 automatic cooking functions.  Or you can emulate restaurant chefs by cooking with steam with the Beko Chef 60cm Built-in Multifunction oven [$2499] offering Steamaid/Steam Assisted cooking for better tasting and looking food. It has 52 automatic cooking functions and its Multidimensional Cooking allows you to cook three dishes at once without mixing flavours and aromas. Steam Shine Cleaning also makes cleaning simple.

Meanwhile, the Beko 60cm Induction Cooktop [$1199] delivers fast and safe cooking on its vitroceramic surface. It uses a magnetic field to transfer heat directly to the cooking pan meaning there’s no flame or glowing hot surface. The Touch and Slide Control offers 19 heat levels for each cooking zone to provide you with many options to adjust the cooktop. While you prepare your meal the vitroceramic surface won’t heat up so any food that is spilt won’t burn on the surface, making it a breeze to wipe down.

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