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Suppliers: Lysaght Steel Products.

The new LYSAGHT® carport kit range has been specifically developed with the home handyman and DIY-renovator in mind. Available in two standard sizes to suit single car and two car configurations, the kit is supplied in one bundle comprising pre-cut, dimensionally-accurate components that are joined using custom designed connectors. Construction requires no special tools other than what the typical home renovator would have in their toolkit. An easy-to-follow 10-step guide is included with every kit, but Lysaght also offers installation advice via their 1800 customer service number. A lot of time and effort went into both engineering the components to fit together easily and also providing clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

With components manufactured from the same 100% Australian made COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel  that has been used on Australian homes for over 40 years, the LYSAGHT® kit carport range has been fully engineered to meet Australian Standards, and fully wind-tested to Australian conditions. This full scale testing has provided Lysaght with the confidence to offer a version of their carport kit for use in cyclonic-rated wind regions.

All the visible components are either pre-painted or metallic-coated so there’s no need to paint; while a simple twice yearly wash down is all that’s needed to keep it looking good. In addition to being termite, rot and warp resistant the range also provides a 15-year warranty on corrosion and paint peeling and flaking.

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