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Suppliers: ActronAir.

The new Aurora Wall Split System air conditioners by ActronAir have been built to manage the Australian climate, engineered to comfortably operate in temperatures of up to 50?C to provide cooling when it is needed the most. The Aurora series also features an advanced DC Inverter technology on both its indoor and outdoor units, which means quieter operation as well as up to 35% reduced electricity use compared to those with conventional AC technology [as claimed by the manufacturer].  Other features include Quiet Mode that can reduce sound and Sleep Mode which maximises comfort by automatically adjusting the temperature while you sleep. In many air conditioners the temperature sensor is located in the indoor unit, and in larger rooms this may result in temperature variations in different parts of the room.  Aurora has one sensor in its indoor unit plus another in its remote control. This feature is called Follow Me, which delivers improved comfort exactly where you are in the room. For cleaner air quality, Aurora has a HEPA-BIO filter that captures 99% of particles such as dust, pollen, fungi and bacteria; then a specialized biological enzyme attacks and kills the microbes.  A four-stage indoor coil self-cleaning cycle minimises any build-up of dust and reduces mould growth.

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