Categories: Glues & fasteners and Timber treatments.
Suppliers: Sika Australia.

From craft projects to permanent fixtures, SikaBond® Spray Fix [$18.98] is a multipurpose glue for a range of household and decorator tasks. This high performance aerosol spray can be used for upholstering, floor repairs and furniture laminating, as well as a range of art and craft projects. Easy-to-use, and with low odour, it is suitable for both high and low adhesion projects – making it a versatile addition to the toolbox. It is possible to reposition materials within one to two minutes of application before it dries to a clear, neat finish. For small-scale projects that require light adhesion, such as scrapbooking or handmade cards and invitations, it can be applied on just one surface to provide long-lasting results. Free from chlorinated solvents, SikaBond Spray Fix is ideal for framing photographs and art prints, and will not damage delicate fabrics, papers or cards. In situations where high strength adhesion is needed, it should be applied to both contact surfaces to form a superior and permanent bond. This method is recommended for more involved DIY projects including floor-covering installation, laminating and upholstery. It is suitable for use on a wide range of materials including felt, fabric, metal, foam, cork, most plastics, fibreglass, wood, laminate and carpet; and is available from Bunnings Stores nationally.

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