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15 seconds – that’s how long a professional burglar needs on average to get through a door or window into a house. Because security at home is so important it is worthwhile to invest in products with security features. Quality doors and windows by Paarhammer provide a strong impediment and put up resistance, security which warns off even professional burglars. About 70% of burglaries are deeds of opportunity – the burglar strikes when the opportunity arises. Many windows and doors can be opened with just a screwdriver or a credit card. Windows or doors with high security fittings will deter burglars: the thief knows that this takes a lot of work and time to get in; and who takes longer to break in risks being seen. Windows and doors with multi-point locking act as a deterrent for burglars. Paarhammer uses special metal-to-metal locking spaced around the frame which securely fastens the sash into the frame. And for doors they use a multi-point locking system.

Double or triple glazing is not easily broken and removing the shards to gain entry takes time; it is loud and increases the danger of injury, both things a burglar tries to avoid. For those homeowners who would like to increase their security even further, it is possible to use laminated or even special burglar-proof glass. For entry doors there are extra security features like hooks on multi-point locks available. All these are difficulties designed to send the burglar packing. If they don’t get in after two attempts they usually give up. The risk of being discovered is too great for burglars. Quality windows and doors today need to offer many advantages: next to aesthetics and energy-efficiency, security is often a deciding factor in the purchase.

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