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Festool’s 130mm Diamond Grinder RG 130 E is the large surface area specialist. With a comprehensive range of compatible grinding discs available, the versatile and powerful (1600W) RG 130 is ideal for a range of applications: concrete and hard coatings; grinding extremely hard concrete; removing epoxy resins; and roughening smooth surfaces on ceramic tiles. With the clever folding segment (no tools required to fold) you can work right up to edges, while protecting the walls from damage. The adjustable depth guard lets you remove the right amount of material quickly and accurately for a superior surface finish; and the digital electronics provide ideal protection and control. Smooth start up guarantees a gentle increase in speed, and continuous temperature monitoring protects against overload damage. The handle position can be adapted tool free or folded back completely to reach under pipes and in tight areas.

The innovative spiral extraction attachment provides excellent dust extraction results when the RG 130 is paired with Festool Dust Extraction. The preferred match is the new CT 36 Auto Clean Heavy Duty Dust Extractor, designed specifically for the removal of concrete dust. This new specialist extractor will help you achieve excellent extraction results to provide a dust-free work environment. Effective dust extraction also ensures you have a clear view of your work for greater safety and higher quality surface finishes.

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