Categories: Cornices, roses & mouldings.
Suppliers: CSR Gyprock.

For the convenient installation or repair of cornice, CSR Gyprock has released a Pre-mixed Cornice Cement [$21.95]. The ‘wet’ formula means there’s no mixing of water and powder, allowing you to skip the messy part and get on with the renovation-job. The pre-mixed formula is as strong as regular plaster based cornice cement and ready to use straight out of the bucket. And there is a resealable lid, so the remainder of the mix can be saved and reused at a later date.

Instructions on the bucket can be followed to install cornice in three easy steps:

  1. After selecting and cutting your cornice to size apply Gyprock Pre-Mixed Cornice Cement generously along the top and bottom edges and to the mitres. Each section should be buttered and fixed separately.
  2. Remove any surplus cement with a cornice tool and clean over the area with a brush or sponge.
  3. Fix the cornice to the ceiling and hold in place with temporary nails, allowing the cornice to dry for at least 16 hours before removing the nails.

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