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Suppliers: Capital Safety.

Capital Safety has released their new Nano-Lok™edge self-retracting lifeline engineered for both foot level tie-off and sharp edge applications. The unused lifeline retracts so workers can anchor at their feet, move freely and with confidence at height. It incorporates a 2.4m working length lifeline, ergonomic design, and is available in single or twin (100% tie-off) units. Its tough lifeline material, innovative energy absorber, and durable harness connector work together to absorb and limit the arresting forces in the event of a fall, and to mitigate the effect of a sharp edge on the lifeline even under harsh conditions. The Nano-Lok edge personal SRL includes: an integrated backpack-style energy absorber; tough and flexible galvanised cable or webbing lifelines; various hook/karabiner options; and an easy-to-install connector for direct harness attachment.

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