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Suppliers: Dulux Paints.

Dulux’s EnviroSolutions range was designed to provide painters with more by minimising water usage, promoting clean-up without turpentine, controlling paint waste disposal and assisting with paint can preparation for recycling. The range provides a solution for any business, from large paint contractors to smaller owner operators, and is suitable to use across various industries that have maintenance areas, including education facilities, shopping centres, hotels and sports and entertainment facilities. The range comprises:

EnviroWash System: a water-based treatment that turns paint wash-out into clear water and solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal.

EnviroSolutions Brush Cleaner: a portable unit that cleans up to eight paint brushes at a time, quickly with minimal mess and fuss.

EnviroSolutions Brush Wash Solution: an advanced brush wash formula that delivers a convenient and fast way to clean synthetic brushes and rollers.

EnviroSolutions Roller Cleaner:  a water-based paint wash system that cleans paint roller sleeves in seconds with minimal water usage and mess.

EnviroSolutions Waste Paint Hardener: turns paint into solid waste, making it easy to remove from paint containers, allowing easy disposal of paint tins.

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