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Australia’s copper and hydraulic engineering industries have developed a comprehensive online guide to “cold and heated water” plumbing design and installation for all buildings. The Hydraulic Services Design Guide sets out all the fundamentals of system design methods, materials science and calculations within a single easy-to-use manual, while giving instant access to the latest regulations and codes. A free domestic version pipe sizing app, as well as a “Pro-version” app for multi-unit development/high rise apartments and commercial construction, are also available on-line.

It comprises 20 chapters of essential design elements and installation principles, including water design principles, pipe sizing, specification, pressure, velocity, valves, renewable water & energy, and water efficiencies. It sets out all the standards, rules and regulations and explains them in clear, easy-to-follow language. The Guide and accompanying Apps have been designed to be as usable and portable as possible, providing interactive features, video tutorials, illustrations and simple “automated” calculation tools. The e-Guide and Apps, which can be found online at, was developed in partnership with Crane Copper Tube, MM Kembla, the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Pty Ltd and the International Copper Association Australia.

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