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Weather seals are designed to exclude everything from draughts, dust, heat and cold to light, insects, rain and noise, thereby reducing your household’s green-house gas emissions created by the electricity generated for heaters and air conditioners.Cracks and gaps around doors and windows can cause draughts resulting in the loss of large amounts of heat from your home. A fully protected home will have door and weather seals fitted to improve comfort year round with reduced need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. ESP (Energy Saving Product) is a new brand focusing on environment-friendly, energy-saving products made from high quality materials that are durable and easy to install. Their self-adhesive and screw-on door seals come in a variety of materials to suit all doors –sweep type, sliding, swinging and security doors –and different gap sizes; and are available in silver, white and bronze. The weather seals produced from either foam or rubber come in varying sizes, colours and designs, providing a solution for all gaps. Distributed by Master Distributors through Masters Home Improvement stores.

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