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Caroma’s innovative Orbital® Technology is an ideal installation solution for renovating, retrofitting existing bathrooms or building a new bathroom. Designed to overcome set-out compatibility issues, it makes the plumber’s job easier and increases the range of options available when choosing a toilet suite. Orbital Technology offers the capability to extend a toilet set-out to any position up to a 50mm radius. By rotating the upper and lower bodies, the connector assists in adapting to a wider range of set-outs and makes it easier for plumbers to install a toilet suite to existing pipework, saving both time and money. From the time a slab is poured, to when the toilet is installed, the specified set out often changes; or other factors such as tile-selection may affect the fit-out.

Following on from the success of the original Caroma Orbital Connector, which is suitable for close coupled toilet suites, the new Uni-Orbital Connector provides increased installation exclusively for Caroma wall faced toilet suites.

While some other connectors move only backwards and forwards, the Uni-Orbital Connector has radial adjustment. This enables plumbers to align the toilet suite with tile lines, push buttons, cistern flush pipe or drain-line. This also provides the option to install a wall faced suite clear from any obstacles such as a stop cock. Furthermore, the new fixing plate has additional holes allowing multiple fixing points to ensure contact with a stud.

The Uni-Orbital Connector comes in both standard and compact variations. Both push directly into the drain-line; and the compact version requires no cutting. Since the connectors have a quick ?t connection that pushes straight into the drain-line it eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate pan collar. The compact version comes standard with new reduced projection pans from Caroma. This allows for the standard set-out range to be maintained even with the smaller pans, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

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