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Selecting a ventilation unit for your bathroom is not about one-size-fits-all. Having adequate exhaust capacity is important to prevent the build-up of stale air, condensation and mildew; while the heating and lighting requirements differ from one bathroom to the next. Complementing a bathroom’s look and working to a budget are other key considerations. IXL Appliances has developed the following guidelines to assist you in choosing the best-fit ventilation from their range of products.

Check your bathroom dimensions. The higher the bathroom ceiling, the greater the heat producing capability needed from a Tastic® to provide adequate warmth. To heat and ventilate a larger bathroom, a four-lamp model and one that has powerful exhaust is recommended. Each IXL Tastic® unit is designed to work most effectively up to a given maximum ceiling height.

Heating needs vary according to climatic zones. All four Tastic® lamp models can be operated on two or four lamp settings to provide less or greater heat as required. For those who live in the cooler regions of Australia, a four lamp Tastic® is recommended; or a Tastic®Neo double which has two 800-watt Tungsten halogen Halo heat lamps.

IXL has designed several ventilation solutions to keep your bathroom in step with 5-Star energy efficient home requirements. The Eco Tastic® suits homes where exhausting into the roof is allowable. Where a ducted application is needed IXL’s Easy Duct Tastics® is fully-sealed to prevent loss of heat and the penetration of draughts. To reduce energy consumption from the light source there is an IXL Tastic® Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Globe which uses 75% less electricity than a standard globe. This globe is included with both the Eco Tastic® and Easy Duct Tastic® models; and can be retro-fitted into all Triumph, Sensation and Silhouette Tastics® in place of the supplied incandescent globe.

Do you need some or all three functions – heat, vent and light? For bathrooms with existing ventilation, the Triumph 2-in-1 provides a source of light with the option of heat. Or for a powerful exhaust fan and light that can be operated separately the Vent ‘n’ Lite 100 has a 200mm exhaust fan. For single exhaust fan function, Ventair and Eco Ventflo are available in a choice of 250mm or 200mm exhaust fan sizes.

The family bathroom is a high traffic space where an exhaust fan with plenty of grunt is essential. If heat isn’t needed, the Vent ‘n’ Lite deluxe with fan and illumination is an option; while the Premium and Eco Silhouette offer heat (4 x 375 W), a powerful exhaust fan, and energy efficient lighting (15W CFL).

The flush mounted metal and glass Tastic® Neo, which is available in a white or silver finish and with the option of single or double heat lamps, complements high-spec bathrooms. Gimbal-mounted, adjustable downlights provide task lighting; while tungsten halogen Halo heat lamps generate a more dispersed heat. The IXL Tastic Sensation is another contemporary option, which features a modern low profile fascia, 3-in-1 performance, but at a more budget-price.

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