Categories: Bathroom Tiles and Floor Tiles.
Suppliers: Delsa Bathware & Design.

Conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, Piemme Valentino wall tiles combine Florentine brocade [inspired by Italian Renaissance fabrics] with precious Mother of Pearl. The designs incorporate strong Italian concepts, like the sea and sartorial creativity, to bring the elegance of the Piemme Valentino style to fashionable bathrooms. Only after decorating, firing and grinding are the best slabs sent to a further manufacturing cycle, at which time the tiles become “prestige design” slabs. The aesthetic-quality and technical-perfection of the Piemme Valentino tiles offer a truly exceptional surface finish for bathroom interiors. These wall tiles are available in Bianco and Nero with the Broccato and Mother of Pearl finish; and are distributed nationally through DELSA, with prices starting at $95/m2; and the borders $55 each.

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