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Consistency is the key to creating a unified look and feel for the home. By using timber creatively in home-renovations you can fuse your home’s outdoor design elements and bring the space together. Many homeowners overlook the versatile uses of timber. Along with flooring and decking, it can be used for a wide range of exterior applications, including screening, cladding, window frames and ceilings. Cladding is an attractive and economical solution for finishing the exterior of both old and new houses. It can create architectural links between the natural landscape and built environments, and contribute to the aesthetics, comfort and structural performance of a home. Timber can also be used for screening to create separate spaces or for privacy. Adding a sleek and modern touch timber screening allows the light through to maintain the connection to natural surroundings. A feature timber ceiling can help to complete the look.

A recent outdoors renovation project in McMasters Beach, New South Wales, used Boral Timber’s Blackbutt Species in a number of exterior applications, including decking, screening, cladding for the outdoor ceiling, door frames and window sills, to complement the surrounding coastal landscape. Valued for its strength and versatility, Blackbutt was the choice for this outdoors area and helped to create a continuous flow from the home’s Blackbutt indoor-flooring. The decking’s natural golden hues blend well with the coastal landscape and also offer a nice contrast to the red tones of the home’s ironbark structural supports. Blackbutt has one of the highest Janka (hardness) ratings of 9.1 and is a durability class-one timber above ground, making it a durable species for decking. Blackbutt timber has bushfire-resisting properties and is also termite-resistant, treatment-free and non-susceptible to lyctus borer making it ideal for the Australian climate.

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