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Music and sound define our life and affect our mood. Soft sounds can be relaxing; and your favourite songs make you happy. Combining your bath with a sound system is one of the latest advancements in bathroom design. In fact, you can control an audio system with Bluetooth through your bath. Imagine soaking to your relaxing tunes and not having to worry about electrical devices in your bathroom to be able to do that.

Sound Wave, the bath audio system from Kaldewei, has a receiver that can play back audio files from a smartphone, computer, tablet PC or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.  The audio system will suit most steel baths and makes the bath act as a sound box to create exceptional sounds. Indulging in a relaxing bath listening to music via Sound Wave enhances your bath-time. The sounds are more than audible – they can be gently felt through the bath water; providing a new experience of wellness for the senses.

Components including the Bluetooth® receiver are concealed under the bath. The set comprises six acoustic panels, a control box with power cable, and 2 transducers. Experience the extraordinary sound under water and escape from everyday life. You can see a working display at ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre, St Marys.

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