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Suppliers: Kimberley Products.
illume by Kimberley Products is a “smart skylight” that operates and installs without the need of a light shaft, flexible tube or a large roof cavity; and can be installed practically anywhere. It comprises a range of smart, shaftless ambient light systems that allow builders and DIY home-renovators to introduce a natural light effect into just about any dark space including multi-level buildings. The illume Solar Shaftless™ Skylight System comes in a range of sizes and configurations including windows, skylights and manholes. The advantage of the illume system is that it can be used in locations where traditional natural light conduits cannot be fitted. It can be fitted in many places where you can’t fit a traditional skylight such as in lower floor apartments; or where security is an issue. The illume system does not require roof penetrations. Also, as there is no need for tubes or flexible shafts, it is a sealed unit that prevents heat build-up or bugs inhabiting the skylight. Using ambient technology, illume is designed to convert the sun’s energy to light and auto-adjust brightness levels to match external conditions thereby creating a harmony in your home or office between indoor and outdoor lighting. It can be used to introduce additional light where required to any large or small space including hallways, entrances, walk-in robes, bathrooms, laundries, pantries, restrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, sheds or garages. illume has been designed as a DIY system with easy internal and external installation on all sorts of roofs and ceilings. It comes as a complete, off-the-shelf kit ready for use without the requirement of a Tradie. It’s available online; through home improvement and lighting specialists; and from hardware stores. Prices start at $214.50 for a 180mm round skylight system.

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