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Traditionally copper was used for plumbing but with its rising cost more cost-effective solutions have been developed. Yet copper is the original and still the best. These days there’s a range of kitchen and bathroom tapware available, from the beautifully simple to the downright extravagant; often available in a choice of stunning finishes.

If you really want to make a style statement in your bathroom then a copper bath is the way to go. The traditional styling of these baths combined with some featured copper piping and extravagant taps will help you achieve a look that’s more than just retro; it’s pure drama.

Copper has more to offer than just plumbing. It’s a great way to add warmth through lighting-fixtures; and the effect it has on a room is often enchanting. As the light bounces off the shiny surface the natural colour of copper adds warmth that you just don’t get with other metals like silver or stainless steel.

And copper accessories add accent to a room; while complementing larger, statement pieces in your home. In the kitchen you can add some culinary equipment to go with your tapware; while in the living room light-switches and power-sockets make the perfect finishing touches to a copper light shade.

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