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Located in a dense forestry area, architect Allan Lamb wanted to create a modern two storey dwelling that would be sympathetic to its natural surroundings. Stramit Longspan® in Colorbond® Monument® fitted the brief and was used for the wall cladding, allowing the structure to blend seamlessly into its environment. The 380m2 of steel is also bushfire-compliant in a high-risk area. Stramit Longspan® in Colorbond® Monument® provided an economical and aesthetically desirable appearance, which had a strong vertical expression and suited the initial vision.

The linear footprint of the building is 40m x 6m wide and angled on the site to face due north. In a direct response to passive design principles this allows maximum solar penetration and provides good cross ventilation. The design features a skillion roof that slopes gently at 3-degrees from the east end up towards the higher living spaces and deck. The 28m long skillion roof was divided into three sections using Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® decking and StramitFarLap® roof lap joint system. Stramit’s cleverFarLap® roof lap joint system allows for the management of long roof runs, especially when site access is an issue;and facilitates the handling of sheets by making them smaller in length. This system ensured that a low profile step was used at the roof joints without needing to change purlin heights.

A full-length 1.2m wide passage on the south upper floor serves both as a circulation zone and for displaying the owners’ art collection. The focus of the house is a casual kitchen and dining space opening onto a deck with full width sliding doors. Conceived as an external room this deck is partly roofed using Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® in Colorbond® Shale Grey™; providing an economical roof decking with limited reflection, as required by council.

Stramit additionally provided Longspan® perforated sheeting for the northern horizontal sunshade; while custom capping and flashing in matching Colorbond® were developed to ensure the desired crisp edges to the building were maintained.

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