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The latest baths collection from Highgrove Bathrooms makes the ultimate bathroom centrepiece: bold, luxurious and elegant. The Nero freestanding bath makes no apologies for garnering all of the attention in your bathroom interior. The collection comprises three different, yet equally captivating profiles.

The asymmetrical XION has a distinctive organic style and features a delicate tall back to help ease your body into the ultimate relaxation position. The OTTIMO is defined by its rectangular geometric profile, perfect for those interiors that require a little more “edge’ while still maintaining an air of elegance. Finally, the LUCINI is an asymmetrical shape with a subtle curved back and tapered design, offering a contemporary take on a classic shape.

The Nero Collection, with its matte black exterior and glossy white interior will slide effortlessly into a monochromatic palate or make a glamorous feature in an otherwise eclectic bathroom interior. Made with quality sanitary grade acrylic, the Nero bath is highly durable, and has excellent thermal properties boosting energy efficiency.

Each style is available in two sizes: XION $1399, 1820x780mm, height: 750mm. XION $1499, 1500x750mm, height: 750mm. LUCINI $1099, 1500x750mm, height: 560mm. LUCINI $1199, 1690x840mm, height: 560mm. OTTIMO $949, 1690x795mm, height: 545mm. OTTIMO $899, 1495x695mm, height: 555mm.

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