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Preventing fogging in protective eyewear is critical to worker Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), with clear visibility and comfort being critical to compliance of safety glasses. Not wearing protective eyewear is a leading contributor to eye injuries meaning serious attention must be placed on anything that reduces compliance. When protective eyewear fogs up it impairs vision, and Tradies and DIYers often tend to solve this problem by removing PPE, risking eye injury; but leaving fogged safety glasses on is also a safety risk if you can’t see properly while working with tools or machinery.

Thisissue can occur in safety glasses and goggles that do not have appropriate ventilation, anti-fog coatings or where anti-fog wipes have not been used. Wrap-around eyewear and goggles, especially under a visor, offers greater protection from injury, although they may also reduce airflow and make fogging more likely.ProChoice Safety Gearsupplies anti-fog treatments pre-moistened wipes containing a chemical that bonds with the lens’ surface to prevent moisture adherence. Available from tool shops and hardware stores.

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