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When it comes to testing for inadvertently unpressed connections for water and compressed air systems, Viega’s innovative Smart Connect-Feature offers a guaranteed method to provide a failsafe solution. Viega incorporates the safety feature on multiple pipe joining systems – both copper and stainless steel. All Viega press fittings offer the clever Smart Connect-Feature. Put simply, the feature means that unpressed fittings automatically leak during the pressure test.

Viega explains that, normally, when systems are tested, the pressure applied is static so there are no pressure surges which occur during normal system operation when taps are turned on and off etc. In addition, there is usually a pressure differential between floors – e.g. a five-storey apartment may have a 130kPa pressure difference between the top and bottom floor. This means that inadvertently unpressed fittings may not be readily identified. However, with Viega press fittings, such mishaps are prevented. Viega created the Smart Connect-Feature to make sure these issues don’t occur; and it guarantees that any inadvertently unpressed connectors become visible.

If the connection has a leak, a dry leakage test will show a visible pressure decrease over the entire pressure range from 2.2 kPa to 300 kPa. And if the leakage test is carried out with water, this visibly escapes from the unpressed fittings in the pressure range of 100 kPa to 650 kPa. The system allows for a central leakage test of the entire system rather than testing of individual sections.

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