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Heat, light and ventilation can often be at the bottom of the list when it comes to creating a practical laundry-room. Damp clothes; dryers filling the room with humid air; and even a lack of windows can all mean the laundry often suffers. IXL Appliances provides various solutions.

If your laundry has a dryer, you can combat the humidity with a Ventair 250 exhaust or the Classic Tastic Silhouette 3-in-1 to keep the room ventilated and free from damp odours. The Ventair has a fan with an exhaust capacity of 511m3/h; while the Classic Tastic includes a heat lamp with 4 x 375 watt globes and exhaust capacity of 407m3/h.

For laundries without a dryer, and therefore less prone to trapped humid air, the Tastic Neo Vent n Lite Module is an ideal solution, with a 170mm fan and an exhaust capacity of 360m3/h. IXL’s Eco Sensation, a 3-in-1 option, brings 4 x 275 watt heat lamps together with a 200mm fan and an extraction of 348m3/h.

If you’re not sure how to best meet your laundry ventilation needs, IXL offers a handy “Help me Choose” online-tool. First, choose the type of room, such as a laundry with a dryer or a laundry without a dryer; then add the room’s dimensions to see which appliance will meet your requirements.

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