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Suppliers: IXL Appliances.

IXL’s Eco Tastic and Easy Duct Tastic models have been adapted to now use the more efficient LED globes. The globes use 20% less energy than a comparable CFL; and 80-90% less energy than a comparable halogen light. They have a lifespan of at least 25,000 hours, which makes changing globes far less frequent. The mercury-free LEDs have no UV output and are fully recyclable. They also provide instant brightness without the flickering light or warmup wait that is sometimes associated with CFLs and Halogens. In addition LEDs are not impacted by the power surge that can occur when CFL lights are turned on/off repeatedly. As IXL’s energy-saving LED globes have been specifically developed to fit the Tastic Eco and Tastic Easy Duct models they are sealed from moisture. This makes them ideally suited to steamy areas like bathrooms.

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