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Where there is little-to-no mobile phone coverage, whether exploring bushland or doing a job in the country, the new Titanium 2-way UHF radios keep you connected. For work or leisure the new one-watt UH810S and two-watt UH820S series of 2-way radios from Uniden are designed to last. Ruggedly constructed, the easy-to-use technology offers reliable communication with access to 80 UHF channels; and more than a 9Km and 13Km distance for the UH810S and UH820S series, respectively.

Most UHF radios are charged using a charging cradle and AC adaptor, as well as the “cigarette-lighter” lead in motor vehicles. But a feature of theses Uniden models is the ability to recharge via the supplied USB cable. Both models offer superior levels of talk and standby time: the rechargeable long life 1000mAh lithium-ion battery and a 1600mAh lithium-ion battery equates to approximately 15 hours talk time and 21 hours respectively.

The UH810S [$229.95]and UH820S [$299.95]Tradie-Packs each include two radios; two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with desktop charger cradle and AC adaptor; a USB charge cable and cigarette-lighter adaptor; two earpiece microphones; two speaker microphones; two belt clips; and two battery jackets for alkaline batteries offering back-up battery supply. The UH820S also has two high-visibility face plates for easy identification on site and two speaker microphones. Both Tradie-Packs come with a case to store all accessories.

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