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Viega’s Sanpress Inox stainless steel system has been long used throughout Europe for drinking-water systems. And in Australia, with a trend towards stainless steel in multi-storey buildings as the main riser for the higher pressure rating of the pipe, the Sanpress Inox system provides an effective and efficient solution. The high-grade stainless steel Viega Sanpress Inox system encompasses a comprehensive range of high alloyed, non-rusting stainless press connectors, pipe and system fittings for plumbing and building services. The focus is on safety, hygiene, ease of use, precision and durability. The press connectors are available in sizes between 15 and 108mm.
Sanpress Inox uses reliable Viega press technology, thus ensuring the maximum comfort during assembly, even in hard to reach places. The superiority of the press-connection is in its quick and easy assembly. Its versatility means the system can be used for residential, industrial and gas installations. A key component of Viega’s Sanpress Inox system is its innovative Smart Connect feature, a small channel on the bead of the press connector which enables testing for un-pressed fittings of a complete installation, centrally and conveniently using a manometer. Dry leakage and load testing using compressed air is also possible. This provides hygienic advantages, as it prevents water being present in the system between the completion of the installation and its commissioning.

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