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Handling cold, wet or oily materials with the incorrect glove type can create safety issues as your hands become cold, leading to a loss of feeling and control. If your glove does not have a barrier against that liquid or ice, the moisture soaks through and your hands could become wet, cold and potentially slip inside the glove. As your hands become increasingly cold and numb, sensitivity is lost and the ability to control the materials you are handing is reduced.
Pro Choice’s ProSense Stinga Frost cold weather dipped work gloves offer an ideal solution due to the dual-layered liner featuring nylon and brushed acrylic to keep your hand warm; and a PVC foam coating to protect against cold, moisture, oil and grease. They are lightweight and breathable; and because they feature a knitted liner and PVC foam coating, offer excellent fit, feel and dexterity. The PVC coating also offers excellent gripping characteristics and abrasion resistance, similar to riggers’ gloves but in both wet and dry conditions.

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