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Suppliers: Laminex Industries.

From the organic green tones of native coastal scrub to the unrefined timbers of the central Australian bush, the wildly diverse palette of Australia’s natural landscape has been beautifully distilled for the latest décor collection from Laminex. The new “Landscape” series by Laminex, with 13 new décors, features native woodgrain surfaces realised with authenticity and depth. Paired with the collection’s calm and moody hues, this new offering promises to imbue any kitchen renovation with character, warmth and sophistication.

Additions to the range of woodgrain laminate surfaces include the sublime Raw Birchply, which emanates a pure, radiant sensibility with a clean finish, subtle grain and golden pale tonality. Perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary kitchen design, this material reflects the fresh cut unvarnished look of plywood. In contrast, Smoked Birchply is a striking surface that melds the restrained elegance of its subtle plywood grain with a smoky grey-green undertone.

The imperfect woodgrains of Classic Oak and Natural Walnut are raw and unrefined, bringing life and warmth to kitchen design. Together, they serve as the ideal foil for mid tones and neutral hues. Delicate, muted organic decors such as Spinifex, Seed and Possum draw upon Australian natives for a look that’s contemporary and confident in its embrace of Australia’s inimitable palette.

The calming Acquamarine tone immediately evokes the invigorating freshness of the Australian coastline, especially when paired with Fox Teakwood, a weathered look grey timber reminiscent of driftwood, or a deserted pier. Darker, more dramatic hues such as Winter Sky, Stormcloud and Lava Grey offer a brooding mood whilst still bringing a sense of calm and composure to any space.


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