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Rainwater tanks from 2000-litres to 9000-litres

Partnering with global company SANITIZED AG, Polymaster’s Waterguard rainwater tanks are built with Sanitized® Protection – an antimicrobial treatment in the polymer, designed to protect the water tank; which in turn produces fresher, cleaner water for your home. Installing Waterguard rainwater tanks helps reduce household water usage and your water bills. You can use rainwater to wash your clothes, water the garden, fill the pool and flush the toilet. Polymaster rainwater tanks are subject to rigorous health and safety testing. These tanks are BPA free; made from food-grade polyethylene; and certified to AS/NZS4020, which is the Australian standard for drinking water.

Over time, harmful bacteria can form inside rainwater tanks. Excess build-up of organic matter such as algae, mould and mildew can make tanks dirty and risk contaminating the water. The Waterguard range is built with Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment, which actively helps inhibit bacterial growth, keeping the tank cleaner to provide a fresher supply of water. It also protects the polymer surface, extending the life of the tank. The Waterguard range is available in 3 models: Domestic; Slimline; and a 2020L Slimline Tank Package in 8 of the most popular COLORBOND® colours. Features and benefits include:

  • Installing a Waterguard rainwater tank will help you achieve a 6-star energy rating when building or renovating.
  • Designed with solid one-piece construction with zero joins.
  • Made with food-grade polyethylene.
  • Domestic Rainwater Tanks are available for 2000L to 9000L; suitable for small rural properties; and offer a 20-year warranty.
  • Slimline Rainwater Tanks are available for 2000L to 3000L; suitable for urban properties where space is minimal; and offer a 7-year warranty.
  • 2020L Slimline Rainwater Tank Packages are available for 2020L; modern design, quick to install with a built-in pump; available for single and double-storey pump combinations; and offer a 10-year warranty.

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