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Dekton® by Cosentino is a multipurpose ultra-compact surface that’s durable, low maintenance and impervious to the elements. Dekton® is a proprietary blend of the raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain and the highest quality quartz surfaces. Dekton® is highly resistant to UV light, scratches and stains, and won’t fade or degrade over time. Able to withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking, it’s a suitable choice for hot environments; and resistant to ice and thawing, it can endure cold climates. With these advanced technological properties Dekton® can be used for a variety of functions and surfaces in alfresco and outdoor settings and general home renovating.

Dekton® can be used for paving high-traffic areas, such as walkways, driveways and underneath outdoor tables and chairs, due to its high compressive strength and resistance to abrasions. Its large-format sizes allows for continuous surfaces, providing a seamless aesthetic in courtyards, terraces, patios and staircases. It can be used indoors to create continuity between interior and exterior spaces; while anti-slip grip-technology can be applied to ensure safety around wet areas and swimming pools.

With slabs of varying thickness, Dekton® can be used to clad walls, façades, fireplaces and alfresco kitchens. It is manufactured in large format [up to 320cm x 144cm] and thin thicknesses [0.8cm, 1.2cm and 2cm]. Around barbeques and on alfresco dining tables and kitchen benchtops, its resistance to scratches, stains and heat means the slip of a knife or knock of a wine glass won’t cause damage; and hot dishes can be placed directly onto the surface without the worry of burn marks.

Dekton® provides exceptional strength and durability while being significantly lighter than stone surfaces, enabling easier handling, transport and installation. It’s easy to clean and never needs to be resurfaced, sealed or refinished.

Dekton® surfaces come in an extensive range of colours and finishes to suit many home renovation setting and home renovation design:

  • Wood Collection simulates the warmth and grain of timber;
  • Natural Collection emulates the inherent beauty and veining of natural stone;
  • Tech Collection replicates the textures and colours of oxide and cement surfaces;
  • Industrial Collection offers the rich complexity of aged metals and concrete;
  • Solid Collection is a series of monotone-coloured surfaces; while
  • XGloss range has a polished finish for extra shine.

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