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Nothing adds character and charm to a room quite like a beautiful ceiling rose feature. Elaborate or simple, the ceiling rose originated in period homes of the late 1800s and early 1900s, when it was crafted using plaster. Cut to today and they can be found stylishly preserved and integrated into modern home renovation styles or introduced as a new feature using resin.

Resin is a durable and lightweight material which is much easier to install than plaster when it comes to adding a ceiling rose to a room. The range of ceiling roses, vents and corbels from Schots Home Emporium are cast from resin in moulds, replicating the plaster ceiling roses of the past. And it’s quite simple to add this innovative option to any room in your home:

Style. You’ll need to choose a style that suits the room. For example, with high ceilings you may opt for a more elaborate ceiling rose design; while for a smaller room, keep it neat and simple.

Painting. Each of the resin ceiling roses in the Schots range is finished with a layer of primer to make painting a breeze. All you need to do is decide on the right shade for your room.

Installation. For installation, the best option is to use a liquid nail product and a few carefully positioned screws. Resin is quite flexible so minor bowing of the rose should rectify itself once you’ve screwed the piece into position; and don’t forget to paint over the screws for a polished finish.

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