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Suppliers: Fisher & Paykel Appliances.

Fisher & Paykel‘s Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers provide many options for the personalization of kitchen design. The modular vertical fridges [610mm and 762mm wide] and freezers [457mm, 610mm and 762mm wide] can be mixed and matched with different sizes and finishes; and installed either side by side or individually throughout the kitchen design. Kitchen renovators can supply their own custom door panel to seamlessly integrate with their kitchen cabinet design; or use Fisher & Paykel’s optional stainless steel door panels and a choice of four handles. The fridge and freezer each have three temperature modes, controlled from a central panel. The food modes can be adjusted – within two zones in the same column – giving freedom to use fridge [3C], pantry [12C] or chill mode [0.5C] within the fridge, alongside the freezer column that offers soft freeze, freezer or deep freeze.

The sleek stainless steel units fit flush with kitchen cabinetry with minimal 3mm gaps and no visible hinges or grilles; while the kick-plate allows for variable heights and depths. For paired installation the columns’ built-in heating prevents condensation. A joiner kit is included with all freezer columns making it simple to hide the gap between the columns. A stainless steel interior adds to the premium design and quality finish with soft-close, full extension metal bin runners; and robust cantilevered glass shelves with metal trim. Inside both fridge and freezer, LED lights illuminate the ceiling, shelf, bin and tray; and the state-of-the-art Variable Temperature Zone system ensures food is stored at its optimal temperature to stay fresher longer.

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