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German brand Viega, supplier of state-of-the-art plumbing press fitting technology, recently unveiled a mobile showroom to embark on a nationwide tour to bring the “Viega Experience” to architects, plumbers, interior designers and home renovating professionals. The Viega Van is a high-tech billboard on wheels that showcases the company’s innovative installation technology. The van enables Viega to meet their customers in their local environments to educate and inform them on the many benefits of Viega technology and systems. The objective is to serve store branches and network plumbers regardless of their location. The van is fitted with a range of signature products, including:

Propress. The safe, reliable, and economical copper pipe installation system that uses modern cold press connection technology for a wide assortment of more than 150 fittings.

Sanpress Inox. Designed for stainless steel, this system of choice for optimum drinking water hygiene is ideal for high-pressure applications, where the environment can corrode copper [coal dust and ammonia]; or for non-plumbing projects such as food processing or pharmaceuticals.

Geopress K. Satisfies all challenges posed by underground installations for drinking water, gas and alternative energies.

Smartloop Inliner. A smart hot water circulation system with one-pipe technology, whereby flow and return lines are combined into one pipe, reducing installation costs.

Smart Connect Feature. Viega’s original pipe joining feature that allows installers to easily identify any missed or un-pressed connections.

Pre-wall cisterns and designer flush plates. Sophisticated systems and award-winning designs that are ideal for any bathroom renovation installation.

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