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A timber deck can have a big impact on the overall look of your home so it’s important to get the colour right if you’re finishing-off a home renovation. Applying the wrong colour or simply changing preferences can be costly to fix. Fortunately for DIYers, Sikkens offers affordable 100ml sample pots of its Cetol BLX-Pro timber coating – an environment-friendly, quick drying, water based finish that provides superior durability and flexibility. Available in 10 ready-mixed shades, these sample pots provide home renovators with an accurate representation of how the finished timber deck will look. Here are four tips to make sure the coating brings out the best of the deck.

Test the colour of the coating before application. It is difficult to predict how a timber coating will look as, unlike paint, coatings are influenced by the grain and colour of the wood and will change colour once applied. So be sure to test the finish on an inconspicuous area of the deck or a spare piece of timber before committing to a colour. For the best indication of how it will look apply three coats onto the sample area.

Prepare the timber properly. Preparing the timber properly before applying a fresh coat ensures a clean and smooth finish. Some decks will require just a simple clean with either a mild detergent solution to remove embedded dirt, grease and grime. However, if the deck coating is peeling or flaking, it may be necessary to sand the surface before recoating. If timber is not prepared properly the coating could fail and the timber will need to be sanded back and recoated.

Apply timber coatings in suitable weather conditions. Once a timber coating is applied it takes several hours to dry. Hence, it’s essential to pick a day when the weather forecast is for warm and dry. Coating during wet weather will disrupt the drying process and can potentially damage the surface. The ideal temperature to coat timber with Sikkens premium finishes is between 10°C and 30°C.

Ensure that cut ends are coated. Depending on the design of a deck, it can be easy to overlook coating the cut ends of the timber. However, wood is a super absorbent material – particularly through the end grain which can soak up moisture. Not coating the ends will render the finish ineffective, exposing the timber to moisture and causing it to rot. Timber becomes much more durable once a finish is applied all over.

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