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Suppliers: Axolotl.

Axolotl has introduced a new range of glass surfaces with unlimited permutations. The Spectrum process refers to Axolotl’s proprietary ability to custom-colour the surface of a material. Previously available only as Spectrum Sheet Metal, Axolotl has extended their technology to work over glass surfaces as well.

Lustre Spectrum is a single presentation, semi-reflective opaque glass surface treated with the Spectrum process, enabling Axolotl to colour the glass with a single colour; or custom colour gradients. The final affect is a glass that delivers a perceptual depth beyond its 6mm thickness. Axolotl is then able to extend this beauty even further through 3D printing the top surface of the glass to emboss designs in a clear or coloured texture. Lustre Spectrum is typically available as 6mm thick annealed glass. Due to the solid backing it is generally adhered to surfaces and used as a wall, signage or counter front treatment.

Spectrum Glass has the same bespoke surface affects as Axolotl’s Lustre Spectrum; however it is applied onto a translucent glass surface allowing you to see the colour and pattern from both sides of the glass. Spectrum Glass is available in any glass float, thickness or treatment making it a versatile choice for joinery doors and internal screening for home renovation projects. Spectrum Glass panels can be created in sizes up to 2400 x 1600mm; but are suitable for internal applications only.

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