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If your bathroom feels dated or in need of an upgrade, Methven has you covered with showers and accessories to instantly create a modern look. It can be as simple as screwing a new handset onto your existing hose outlet; or retro-fitting a new rail shower, hand shower or even a twin shower system. Many home renovators assume that installing a new shower is complicated. But, Methven advises, in many cases it’s a simple exercise. You can go from a traditional wall shower to a Krome Twin Shower System in just minutes with basic DIY skills. Here, Methven provides some tips for home renovators looking at updating their bathroom design through a simple DIY shower installation:

  • Before heading down to your local bathroom supplier or hardware store to pick-up your shiny new fittings, there are a few things you should consider first.
  • Measure the height of your current shower water outlet from the floor up. A typical bathroom has a shower outlet height of about 1800-1900mm. This will help you choose the new shower type and prevent any issues with it being too high or low once installed.
  • If you have small children using that bathroom, you don’t want the shower too high. In this case, a height adjustable shower like the Methven Aio Aurajet Twin Shower System is a good option that can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort, no matter whose turn it is.
  • Once you have the measurements in hand you can start to think about the type of shower to suit your requirements. There’s an abundance of different shower types to choose from across the Methven range. For a simple update consider a standalone handset that can be easily screwed-on to replace your existing shower-head. The VJet Turoa shower handset is not only sleek and stylish but also provides a customisable shower experience with seamless transition from firm to gentle sprays.
  • When thinking about how much you want to spend, be aware that as you go up in price the quality of the product increases; and spray technologies like Satinjet®, Aurajet® and VJet™ are introduced. Methven offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for peace of mind.
  • To DIY install a new shower or other bathroom fittings, it’s ideal to have some prior home renovation experience. Depending on the type of shower you choose you will need to have the following tools on hand: power drill with a masonry drill bit or diamond-tip drill bit, if you need to drill new holes in the tiles; adjustable spanner; screwdriver; water-spray bottle; bathroom silicone/sealant; and Teflon tape.
  • Never use the hammer-drill setting, warns Methven. This type of drill setting acts like a jack-hammer and will shatter your bathroom tiles. When using a power tool it’s always a good idea to have some level of eye protection just to be safe. Also double check that the taps connected to the shower are turned fully off before beginning the installation.
  • Methven recommends setting down a drop-sheet or floor covering before the installation to prevent any potential damage to the floor and also to provide slip-protection.
  • Read the instructions. All Methven showers come with full DIY installation instructions and are complete with everything you need to fit the shower, such as Allen keys, screws and wall plugs.
  • If you’ve decided to retro-fit a new rail shower like Methven’s Rua Aurajet shower to replace an existing rail shower, it’s as easy as securing the adjustable wall mounting brackets into your existing installation holes. No need to drill new holes. Just be sure to measure the distance between the mounting points first.
  • After removing the old shower its best to reseal around the water outlet using a bathroom silicone. This will make sure the hole is water-tight before fixing the new shower into place.
  • After removing an old shower and sealing around the outlet, Methven recommends resealing the raw pipework that comes out of the wall before fitting the new shower in its place. Use a good amount of Teflon tape; and in a clockwise direction wrap the tape around the pipe 8-10 times. When screwing the shower on, never rotate it backwards. If you do, you must reapply the tape again to not compromise the water-tight seal.
  • If you’re drilling new holes into the wall make sure to spray the drill-bit where it’s contacting the tile with the water bottle to keep the drill bit from overheating. Don’t apply too much pressure on the drill as you could crack the tiles – take it nice and easy. Be careful when you drill as there are pipes in the wall cavities. A good tip is to use tape to mark your drill bit at about 20-25mm so you know when to stop.
  • For a complete bathroom renovation, Methven suggests following the same advice to install matching bathroom accessories, such as towel rails, for a seamless high-end finish.
  • If looking to update tapware fittings, these products are more involved and it’s recommended that you seek a licenced plumber to carry out the installation of tapware.

Methven products are available through Bunnings Warehouse; Reece; and other plumbing stores Australia-wide.

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