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The recent innovation of architects and designers in their creative use of brick and tile, submitted for the 2019 Think Brick Award, has seen a resurgence of materials that have been long overlooked in the creation of contemporary builds and home renovation. The design trends you can expect to see in 2019:

Curved Builds. Round edges and curvatures are rising in popularity, adding modern character to exteriors and interiors. A work of art in itself, Tiger Prawn by Wowowa has a scalloped exterior structure that defies conventional shape and form with a whimsical silhouette.

Red Bricks. The aesthetic of traditional red brick has made a comeback, breathing life into contemporary builds and home renovation. The warmth and richness of red brick is being used as a premium finish to enhance form and create interest as seen in the Oatlands House by Design Corp Architects. To achieve a special finish, the Oatlands House has added detail by incorporating several traditional and unusual bonds and bricklaying styles.

Statement Textures. Bricklaying to create statement textures has emerged as a trend. Steering away from conventional bricklaying, eye-catching textures are being used to enhance and highlight design elements of brick. Bricks laid in a hit and miss pattern have a dynamic effect. Mount Lawley by Weststyle Design & Development  has used a patterned brick screening; leaving gaps between bricks to allow light to play through the space; while also providing privacy for the home.

Roof Tiles as Exterior Walls. Roof tiles aren’t just for the roof. Lewisham Road House by Clare Cousins Architects has seen the exterior walls of the home cladded in terracotta shingles. The roof tiles are stacked on top of each other, wrapping around the structure to create a striking streetscape.

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