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If Australian home renovators harness the latest innovation in urban food gardens, solar energy and sustainable house design, can they produce the holy grail of homes that have minimum energy bills and generate a sufficient amount of fresh produce?  The good news is that at the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show a sustainable and innovative display house and pop-up farm will indicate that both of these goals are possible. A group of Australian companies will join forces to collaborate on the breakthrough display: Urban farming company Biofilta; Ecoliv Buildings; The Sustainable Landscape Company; and one of Australia’s most sustainable housing estates – The Cape at Cape Paterson. They will install an Ecoliv Buildings prefab modular studio and a Biofilta pop up urban farm to demonstrate how combining sustainable design and technologies can create positive outcomes for Australian home renovators.

Ecoliv Buildings will display a sustainable prefab modular studio at the event. Ecoliv Buildings homes are passive solar, site responsive and made from lightweight construction materials with low embodied energy, which minimise the environment-impact over the building’s lifecycle. Their Studio integrates energy and water systems to significantly reduce running costs and reliance on resources. Biofilta willdisplay the latest in simple urban farming systems that can turn home renovators into impressive urban food growers and gardeners. Recent studies by the World Health Organisation estimate a healthy adult requires 400g of fresh produce per day, or 150kg of fresh produce per annum. Biofilta and Cirrus Fine Coffee in Port Melbourne recently set up a pop-up farm in two car spaces with the aim of growing over 150kg of produce in each car space per annum.

The House and Garden of the Future exhibition will be at the Avenue of Achievable Gardens at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, from Wednesday 27th March to Sunday 31st March 2019 at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.


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