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In response to demand for bespoke colour finishes,  British bath brand Victoria + Albert Baths from March 2019 offers 194 RAL colour exterior finishes across their collection of freestanding QUARRYCAST™ baths and basins. [RAL is an international colour matching system that defines colours for paint and coatings.] This is in addition to their six standard paint finishes launched in 2016. Creating a bathroom renovation to reflect your individual sense of bathroom design has been made easier. With the new colours and feet finishes, Victoria + Albert’s baths are fully customisable. They are now able to offer over 28,000 variants of their baths plus over 5,000 basin variants. Home renovators can choose between a gloss and a matte finish. The exterior paint finishes contrast with the crisp white QUARRYCAST™ interior of the freestanding baths and basins. QUARRYCAST™ is naturally white; beautifully strong; and easy to clean.

The addition of a brightly coloured freestanding bath or basin is an ideal way to inject colour into any bathroom renovation and create a striking focal point. Whether you’re tapping into the botanical trend with deep greens and earthy tones, or looking for a vibrant eye-catching finish, such as this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Living Coral, Victoria + Albert Baths now offers a wide selection to choose from.  Each finish is multi layered using a special catalysed paint and hand polished between applications. This technique results in exceptional depth and lustre to the finish; and is more durable than hand painted surfaces. The full selection of available RAL colours is available to view on the Victoria + Albert Baths website from March 2019.

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