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Ageing Copper and Brass. Ageing brass involves immersing clean brass into a solution that has been formulated to produce tones considered “architectural”. This is the bronze/brown which deepens with the length of time the brass is immersed in the solution. A quick immersion takes away the freshly polished appearance and is suitable for starting the natural ageing process. The longer it’s left in the solution, the object gets darker and darker. Scouring the brass – such as with industrial scouring wheels Mother of Pearl has onsite – creates a matte feel which, with immersion, takes on an old bronze feel. Again, prolonged immersion produces a variety of results. Copper is the base element and becomes brass when mixed with zinc; or bronze when mixed with tin. The ageing tone or “patination” varies with the original colour of the metal [copper, brass, bronze]. It is the copper content that reacts to the solution. Basically, the alloys brass and bronze, and the element copper, are all from the same family and interact in appearances comfortably when exposed to the air. Indoors, the natural ageing process is slower than outdoors.

Black Hardware. The commercial black hardware widely available is generally powdercoated, ie painted. Electroplating is expensive but long lasting and with options for the finish – shiny, satin or matte – is the best choice for high value home renovating projects. For handle-sets Mother of Pearl dismantles; strips down the handles; sends them out to the platers; and finally re-assembles. The lead time for electroplating is around three weeks. Very dark, aged, almost black with a hint of the base material, often referred to as oiled rubbed bronze, is done onsite by Mother of Pearl.

Mother of Pearl sells DIY solutions for home renovators; however, they have developed proprietary techniques that give them an edge with results. And they also offer bespoke “silver” finishes including chrome, polished or satin, and nickel.

Some images:

  • Image 1 Front Door Pulls in Aged Brass.
  • Image 2 Door Lever in Aged Copper.
  • Image 3 Entrance Door Pull in Light Brass.
  • Image 4 Bronze D Pull in Various Finishes

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