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Glass Brick Company recently introduced VetroPieno, a 100% solid compact glass brick that brings together the appeal of traditional bricks and the transparency and luminosity of glass. Manufactured in Florence, by the world’s leading glass brick manufacturer Seves, VetroPieno is available in four colours: Neutral [clear], Blue, Nordic [grey] and Siena [bronze]. Providing another glass solution for decorating interiors and exteriors during home-renovations, VetroPieno offers an interesting alternative to traditional glass bricks to create stunning interior dividing walls that allow light to pass through into each room; external widow applications; or subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and colour. The standard size and versatile shape allow it to be installed both horizontally and vertically with either silicone or mortar jointing. Glass Brick Company also provides framing and installation materials required for constructing a VetroPieno wall; as well as a complete on site installation service.

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