Categories: Bathroom Lighting & Ventilation, Building Materials - Brick & Stone, General Windows, Glazing/Glass, and Shower Areas/Screens.
Suppliers: Glass Brick Company.

Installing a glass block window no longer means compromising on fresh air and ventilation. The Glass Brick Company can now install your glass brick window with a vent window allowing for free air flow. Glass Brick Vent Windows are available in different sizes and are manufactured to the modular sizes of the glass blocks. This makes them very easy to install and therefore also suitable for DIY home-renovating. They can be installed into either mortar or silicone jointed installation systems; and can also be installed anywhere within the glass brick assembly. Glass Brick Vent Windows are a double glazed PVC unit, meaning they will not compromise the excellent insulating performance of your glass brick window. They are supplied with frosted glass making them suitable for bathrooms and have an external mesh screen to keep the bugs out.

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