Categories: Laundry Storage/cabinetry, Leak Repairs & Waterproofing, Paint, Shower Areas/Screens, and Waterproofing.
Suppliers: Colormaker Industries.

Colormaker Industries advise that as well as exterior wall applications, roof tops and balconies also need waterproofing. Similarly, wet areas such as kitchens and particularly bathrooms should be waterproofed, in the latter cases typically below the tiles. To prevent the escape of water, a properly sealed “envelope” is required. As well as using the right product, it is also imperative to follow correct practice to ensure that all joints are not only thick and sturdy enough, but also sufficiently flexible to accommodate differential movement, say, between walls and floors; or external and internal walls. Under their Acrylmeric brand, Colormaker Industries produces a Wet Area Membrane that has been tested by the CSIRO as complying with the relevant Australian Standard.  Colormaker Industries recently developed a Water Based Epoxy Primer that has a broad range of applications for both sides of retaining walls; damp [underground] garage floors and walls; and as a primer for masonry surfaces that seem impossible to dry out.

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