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Authenticity has become a priority for many home renovators, who are seeking artisan-made materials. More and more, people want a home renovation like no other; something special that’s theirs alone with unrestrained character. PGH Bricks’ recent development of Honestly Artisan bricks addresses this trend. Specially designed for those who desire the integrity of a sandstock brick style, these solid bricks have been handcrafted in Australia – complete with an imperfect, roughened surface. They are simultaneously raw and gritty; yet beautiful with a truly artisan look and feel. Honestly Artisan’s gravelly charm allows home renovators and new builders to add personality; while with three modern colour-through shades to choose from, they provide an eclectic, contemporary edge to any home. No two bricks are the same. Colours include:

  • Chalk. A highly sought-after, warm white sandstock that combines granular roughness with refined smoothness.
  • Bespattered . An industrial mottled brown-grey with splashes of white, ideal for creating a distinctive and urban feel inside and out.
  • Hessian. A sophisticated brown-grey colour infused with soft hues and light natural tones. It tips a nod to Australia’s sandstock heritage whilst still projecting a contemporary feel.

In addition to providing homes with rugged charm, the Honestly Artisan range is ideal for creating the popular Back-to-Nature look. As an alternative to using a palette of organic tones inspired by nature, such as bronze, grey-greens, soft browns, sand and ochre that we often see in the Back-to-Nature trend, a curated design palette of cool tones of earthy greys with a contrast of warm white equally lends a home renovation a soft elegance, inviting the calm, relaxing properties of nature indoors.

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