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Suppliers: Artedomus.

Artedomus’ porcelain panels are extra-large, fine-profiled, lightweight panels that have exceptional strength, durability; and offer a beautiful and practical surface solution for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and house-façades. These large-format porcelain panels are popular with home renovators and designers seeking surfaces that offer a sense of continuity, particularly in small spaces. Using innovative Italian-designed technology, the pressed porcelain panel is made from clay, sand and quartz ingredients that are heated and mixed into large-format panels up to 3000 x 1500mm. The physical strength of the pressed porcelain panels enables them to be produced with a fine profile [6, 9 and 12mm] – thinner than most traditional kitchen benchtops. The strength of the panels enhances their superior performance; they resist staining and etching; and are UV-stable, making them suitable for interior and exterior applications in home renovating and commercial projects. The Artedomus range of Porcelain Panels includes Artetech and the MAXIMUM range.

Artetech was created specifically for kitchen benchtops, flooring, walls and kitchen splashbacks. This durable, versatile surface material is available in a range of finishes that recreate the looks of other materials to suit a diverse range of applications and aesthetics: Basaltina, which has the distinctive appearance of natural basalt; Pietra and Marmi, which have the veining, patterning and colour of natural stone; Fabrica and Tessuto that have a woven textile-like appearance; Linea, which has the soft patterning of natural woodgrain; Terra, inspired by the rough grain and tones of the earth;  Terrazzo that offers visual texture and variation just like the traditional and timeless material for which it is named; and a solid surface colour, Essenza, with a seamless and soft-to-touch finish.

MAXIMUM is suited for all exterior façade cladding and interior applications thanks to its lightweight, easy installation and low-maintenance properties. Like Artetech, MAXIMUM is offered in a wide range of surfaces, from natural stone to metal- and concrete-inspired finishes. Capturing the luxurious look of marble, the Marmi collection delivers the highly sought-after appearance of Calacatta and Statuario marbles, as well as travertino, onyx, and other coveted stones. Datauni has smooth, silky and consistent finishes; Aster has a textured, brushed effect inspired by concrete; while Metals combines the beauty of naturally occurring metals with the lightweight durability of porcelain panels. Artedomus’ MAXIMUM porcelain panels are available with a self-cleaning surface treatment called Active 2.0 that kills germs and breaks down dirt so the cleaning is done for you.

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